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 MWE Bios

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PostSubject: MWE Bios   Sun Jun 17, 2012 12:19 am

Wrestler Information
Real Name: David Spinning
In-Ring Name: Kado Omeracu
In-Ring Nickname: "Mr.KO"
Gender: Male
Weight: 200
Height: 5'8
Location: Palm Beach, Florida
Wrestling Style:
Gimmick: Not yet decided

Entrance Information
Music hits "Downfall of us all" the lights are out, only the titon-tron is on. Once the song says "Let's go" A wall of fire bursts up, the lights kick back on, and Kado walks throught the ring of fire, he stops, dusts himself off, smiles and runs down the ramp, he slides into the ring, quickly jumping to his feet, he then climbs on the top right turnbuckle and sits on it, facing the crowd singing along with his music. He points to a fan or two, joking around with them, and then jumps off the rope and looks at his oppenent, or waits for his oppenent. (If he is heel, he is sitting, facing the ring, still singing along with the music.)

Attire Information
Attire One: Trenchoat with bulletproof vest below it both black, black jeans and black boots
Attire Two: Not yet decided

Move List
At Least Ten Common Moves: Big Boot, Suplex, Strong Punch, Shining Wizard, Flying clothesline, Enzuigiri, Superkick, Spinning heel kick, Strong Spear, Throat thrust, Rolling Thunder.

Signature Moves:
One: Green Mist
Description: The most common mist, which obscures the opponent's vision

Two: Springboard clothesline
Description: With a multitude of variations, this move implies that the wrestler jumps on to a rope and springboards off it into the opponent. The most basic version is the wrestler is on the apron, then goes to the top rope, and hits it on the opponent in the ring or onto the floor. Another version has the wrestler jump to the second rope, springboard off over the top rope, and clothesline the opponent on the apron.

Primary Finisher: Ground Zero
Description: Starting by kicking someone in the gut, he then holds onto their head and begins to knee their opponent in the forhead multiple times, after, still holding onto their head, he jumps and grings their head down to the ground for one last knee stike to their forehead.

Secondary Finisher: Devils Echo
Description: He does two suplex's, then finally does a Delayed vertical suplex powerslam pin.

Other Information
Manager: Currently none
Titles Held: 0
Associates: None
Weapon of Choice: Kendo Stick
Match of Choice: Ladder Matches


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MWE Bios
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