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 MWE Intro: Kado Omeracu

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PostSubject: MWE Intro: Kado Omeracu   Sat Jun 16, 2012 10:13 pm

He had just entered the building, he was the new blood he had a duffle bag in one hand and his contract, needing to be signed. Which is why he was here, today was the day he was getting it signed. He walked down the hall, he walked passed the locker room and looked in, there was empty lockers, one would soon be his. he continued down the hall, he made it to the GM's room, Selena Yoshida. He knocked on the door, "Come in." he opened the door and walked in, he sat his duffle bag beside the chair and sat down. "Hello, I'm here for my contract signing" he said with a small smile on his face, "Yes I know, I'm glad that was today, may I see your contract please?". He handed her his contract, it was a 5 year contract. She signed on the dotted line, Kado had already signed his name, she put the contract in her files "Now, go get ready." He looked confused, not really know what she was talking about, "Ready for what?" She looked him in the eyes "Your first match. It's you, facing off against Dex. In a TLC match. Opening night has to go all out you know." He stood up and started to leave. "He should go easy on you. Should."


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MWE Intro: Kado Omeracu
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