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 Mors Atra

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PostSubject: Mors Atra   Wed Mar 18, 2015 5:36 am

Mors Atra, a long Gendaito blade, was forged in 1938, it was placed it the hands of one of Japans worst generals: Naozumi Hikaru. He was the leader of one of the POW camps: Batu Lintang camp at Kuching, Sarawak on the island of Borneo. Most never knew that they interrogated at the camp, it was Naozumi's main purpose, he used Mors Atra for that sole purpose. He would cut the prisoners, or beat them with the back of the blade. It was the most feared instrument in the camp. Most avoided the man at all costs, even his own men were scared of him. He often even beat his own soldiers if he seen them showing any type of kindness to the prisoners. Its black blade was called the "black death" amongst the soldiers, the English speaking Japanese prisoners at the camp would always tell the US soldiers what they were saying, it usually involved a horrific story with the sword and a prisoner. On September 11th, 1945 the camp surrendered to the Royal Australian Navy corvette HMAS Kapunda, along with USS Doyle C. Barnes. Before the two boats could dock, Naozumi had committed suicide with his famous Mors Atra. The USS Doyle landed first and stormed the camp, a US soldier by the name of Dylan J. Brickenzen was the lucky man who got to keep the sword, a few cartons of smokes he saved up and the little money he had was enough to win it at auction on the boat. When he arrived home he kept the sword on his mantle, a reminder of victory. When he was ill, he put the now family heirloom was left to his son, Joanna Brickenzen. Years passed, Joanna left the blade in a box, never showing it any light of day like his father had. But, once ill as a old man, he entrusted the heirloom to his adopted son, David. Having no children of his own and his wife not wanting it, he seen David as a good holder, to keep the tradition his father started alive. David, keeps the blade with pride, it sits in his office in a show case showing the same proud victory that was once showed years before him.


War. War never changes.
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Mors Atra
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