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 Kado's Journal

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PostSubject: Kado's Journal   Thu Sep 25, 2014 11:10 pm

Today I was walking through the hospital section of the building. I was doing my daily meet and greets with the doctors when I see a man on the outside glass with a bicycle, he was dark and overcast, With long, grey hair and eyes that stared through me like I was glass. I stopped and decided to talk to him, he lit up a cigarette and began to talk. He said "The doctors told me that my body won't hold me, my lungs are turning black. Been having lucky strikes since I was at school and there ain't no turning back. They can't tell me how long I've got, maybe months but maybe not, So I'm taking this bike and riding to New York."

I felt terrible for this man, he had nothing, no time, no money, and I asked why he was going to New York of all places. He said "'Cause I wanna see my grand-daughter one last time, I wanna hold her close and feel her tiny heartbeat next to mine. Wanna see my son and the man he's become, tell him I'm sorry for the things I've done, and I'd do it if I had to walk." His story was powerful, he didn't care he was dying, he just wanted to spend the rest of his time with his family, that was his happiness, not a bucket list, not a certain item, family. It was unbelievable. So, I offered him help. He couldn't have given me a bigger smile, he added "'I wanna see my grand-son one last time. Wanna see his eyes sparkling and stare back into mine. Now my time is shorter, I wanna see my daughter, tell her I'm sorry for the things I taught her and I'd do it if I had to walk."

I was going to make sure this man didn't have to walk ever again. I personally took this man wherever he wanted to go, got him whatever he wanted, he was so happy. He never asked for anything though. Just to get him to New York, even when we stopped to eat, all he wanted was to be in New York, he added while we were eating, the rest of his journey he wanted "And I'd go up to the churchyard one last time, lay flowers down for the woman who gave me the best years of my life, and I'd do it if I had to walk."

I got that man to New York. He seen his grand son, he seen his grand daughter, he son, his daughter, and he laid those flowers. I left him with his family, and I left him his bike. On the way back to HQ, I felt a happiness go over me. I helped a man who didn't want money, or items. Just family. It felt amazing.


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Kado's Journal
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